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      Personal Information
      Name: liu sir                            Gender: Male
      Birth Date: Sep. 1976                           Birth Place: Shao yang Hunan
      University: Harbin Institute of  Technology         Degree: Bachelor
      Contact: 0
      Education Background
      Sep. 1996—Jul.2000 Harbin Industry of Technology     Bachelor Degree
                        Undergraduate 4-year degree in Electrification Engineer Dept.
                        The courses including: Advanced Maths, College English, 
      Engineering Chart, Electric Circuit Theory, Electron Technology, 
      Motor-driven etc. Have a good command of the theory of design of Motor,
      Manufacture-art, Electromotive-control.
      Took part in the National College Student Electron – Design Competition

      Working Experience
      Jul. 2000—Present  Midea Holding Co., Ltd (Welling Branch )
                       Worked as Project Engineer & Technology Support Engineer
                       Familiar with AC motor structure and elements, have the working experience in 
      electronics, Design DC motor according to the customer’s request and make
      confirmation sample motor, cooperate with sale engineer to negotiate with 
      customer. experience in dealing with Gree, Le hua, Zhi gao etc. 
      about Motor of Air- Conditioner.
      In charge of the business of Haier and Hisense : solving problem on spot, 
      customer service, follow up the sample motor and solve sample quality problem.
      Coordinate with various parties internally and externally including the 
      customer communication and production line.
      familiar with the quality of product over their complete life cycle from the design,
      manufacturing to service.
      Additional Activities
      Took part in studying the  ISO9000 and QS9000, learn how to control the quality
      and take the action to achieve zero defect performance based on continuous
      improvement. the key elements for continuous improvements are customer
      satisfaction, Defect prevent and elimination, and process control.
      Individual Specialty
      Good technical knowledge and management skill to lead engineering team, analytic
      minded and high initiative, able to work in an evolving and high pressure and work
      independently. Good written English, good communication skill and interface with
      customers on all technical aspects. familiar with operating the computer.
      Objective     Search good position and a good company which can provide the personal
       development space.


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