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      Personal Information

      Name: Wang Jiang             Gender: male                 Date of Birth: 1986/02/22

      Residency: HuangShi          Zip Code: 435002         Career Objective:English Teacher

      Home Tel: 086-0714-3809428                             Mobile: 0714-13972773345

      Email: Wang Jiang 19860222@163.com     Political Background:probationary party member

      Leadership Position:the chair of league member

      Address: HuBei province HuangShi City Ma Fang village

      Work Experience

      2005/07-2005/9:commended by dean to be an English private tutor in BeiJing

      2006/03--2007/05:QiHui private tutor Center as an English Tutor in XianNing

      2007/06-2008/12:as an English Tutor teaching High School student in HuangShi

      2007/10-2008/05:as a student secretary of the college of foreign studies

      2008/08-2008/12:an English training teacher of Info Tech Essentials, Inc. Huang Shi Branch


      2004/09--2007/06   XianNing University   English Education    Associate

      2007/09--2009/06   HuBei Normal Univercity  English            Bachelor


      2006/10--2006/12  No 14 Middle School in HuangShi city       English cadet teacher

      Language Skills

      English     excellent                  Japanese    average


      2008/03    TEM Level 8         EVIII 0810045236

      2007/04    TEM Level 4         EIV 0710075088

      2006/06    CET-6               061242066001800

      2005/12   provincial Computer Level Test Band1   2005121141345

      2004/12    Mandarin Chinese Rating Certificate   X1140430787

      2007/7    Teacher qualification certificate   20074210730000459


      national scholarship
      the first ranking scholarship
      the second ranking scholarship
      3 good’s student

      outstanding student leader9 f2 m: |# H,

      excellent League Member
      the second price in teacher skill competition in HuBei Normal University
      the first price in normal students’ teaching lesson
      the third price in students’acqierement 

      the outstanding price in first term in Telecommunications Cup Resume Competition

      Self Assessment

      self-confidence, industry, and enthusiasm as well as great passion for education


      推薦 】 【 打印


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